Send SMS text messages from Microsoft Excel.
Powered by 46elks' SMS API.


Easy. Familiar. Fast.

Get Started Quickly

No software development or installs needed. Just a simple add-in to Microsoft Excel.


Works with both Office 365 in the browser and Microsoft Excel on Windows.


Send SMS to the whole world and with support for all national characters.


Keep your contact book safe. No need to upload all your contacts into the cloud.

Custom sender ID

Use your service or company name as sender name.

No subscription fee

No monthly fees. Pay with credit card and only for the messages you send.


Our SMS services are robust and just work. No need for any GSM hardware.


You can use our API directly if you need to automate sending or add more features.

File Icons

How it works.

Pick an Excel file you already have that contains the phone numbers you want to send SMS to. Open the add-in from within Excel, write your SMS message text - then select the numbers you want to send to and click "Send". Our text message service takes care of the rest - almost like magic.

For software developers, we also provide a devkit in form of an API and sample code to build your own applications. This sms developer kit allows for sending SMS globally and also two-way text messaging.

Only pay for the traffic you need - our pricing is competitive. For high volume bulk sending needs, we also provide volume discounts.

Enhance your business with sms marketing or mass text messaging. A great way to attract the attention of your customers. No need to install any sms software on your server, our sms gateway is fully in the cloud.


Need help getting started?

If you are having trouble with sign up or getting started with sending SMS messages from Excel, we would be happy to help you. Give us your email or phone number and one of our team members will contact you.

More services & APIs

If sending SMS from Excel is not the right tool for you, you can read about our SMS services over at such as building new custom software using our HTTP API.